How MOD Advertise

  • In 2013 the UK MOD spent £19.9 billion with UK industry, on a wide range of products and services. This makes it the number one customer for UK industry.
  • The UK MOD launched its 10 Year £160bn Equipment Plan, setting out its forecast expenditure plans to deliver and support the equipment required to meet the Armed Forces objectives.
  • 5.4% of UK MOD procurement spend in 2012/13 went directly to SMEs, equating to £1.1bn, with a further 9.8% through supply chain opportunities delivering another £2bn.
  • UK MOD spend also equates to 45% of overall central government spend

DCO Suppliers

MOD DCO is the official source of UK MOD contracts – giving you instant access to all of its contract opportunities, of all values, in one place. Access to DCO is completely free, and registered suppliers can search for opportunities 24/7 and receive a daily email alert notifying you of opportunities matching your company’s business activity.

As well as providing free access to all UK MOD contract opportunities, MOD DCO is also your gateway to the following key services:

  • MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin (MOD DCB) magazine
  • Over 100% more UK & ROI defence-related contracts
  • Over 800% more European defence-related opportunities
  • Over 6000% more Global defence-related opportunities
  • Focused defence market intelligence and archives of previous defence agency contract awards

Each year the MOD places thousands of contracts with UK industry, across almost every product and service imaginable. MOD DCO provides you with these opportunities.

DCO Buyers

MOD acquisition teams are required to advertise through MOD DCO all ‘warlike’ and ‘non-warlike’ requirements for goods, services or works valued at £10,000 and above, unless the requirement meets the approved grounds for exclusion from MOD DCO. MOD Prime Contractors may voluntarily advertise sub-contracts valued at £10,000 and above on MOD DCO. Requirements with a value of more than £101,323 will also be published in MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin magazine.

MOD buyers can register below (subject to approval from the MOD) and post contract announcements for publication on the MOD DCO website as well as in:

  • MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin magazine (MOD DCB)
  • European Defence Agency Electronic Bulletin Board (EDA EBB)
  • Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
  • Contracts Finder

MOD buyers can view contract opportunities online at MOD DCO, in addition to a range of services and reports.


How Does HP Advertise?

  • Product imagery

There is a new campaign which faces seven different systems, and each uses specific props to assist separating one system from another while overlooking qualities that will help connect to a targeted audience which is created for, ranging from executives to students and gamers to music enthusiasts. These images were rendered in high quality products in order to have the final completed result.


  • Printed advertising

As the campaign was going to be released in Time Magazine’s most awaited ‘Person of the Year’ issue, HP introduced a solution which took an advantage of the theme and focusing read with the suggestions of ‘personality’. Instead of making the typical first page advertisement, they came up with producing an insider which opened up to display all of the systems on their own page. This lets them use the room needing to reveal every system as well as introducing options in a more climatic and tangible approach. The images were then blended to be placed into different publications prepared towards specific range of audiences, adding a variation of products directed at the readers of the article.


  • Advertising Insert

The leaflet was attached with permanent glue to each of the ads. The tiny according folded leaflet includes the more variational HP systems. In it’s vital point of view this design helped point out the company’s products were in fact different, and from a strategic point of view it allowed readers to simply take the insert along with them. This brochure was also given to each employee at HP as well as an extensive amount left in the lobby of every HP building, so that guests can take one also.

online ad

  • Online advertising

As well as the printed advertising walls, there have also been online banner advertisements. They created a particular design co-operating with Time Magazine to carry a richer online experience. The online advertisements let viewers to achieve an overlook of every system and operated almost its separate micro site.

Online Ad

  • Micro-site

The print and online advertisements direct users into a micro site to where they can find out more information about every system. The site is directly connected to HP’s e-commerce website in where users can by the system which is better suited for their needs, interest and their budget.

How CERT Advertise


homepage 1

About Us

About us






Contact Us

Contact Us


Department of Defense (DoD)

Computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Cyber-security Information Security Partnership (CiSp)

Fusion Cell

Partners include Virgin Media, Babcock, BAE systems, BT, EE, Fire Eye, Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, Palantir, Trend Micro, Qinetiq

Fusion Cell assists in connecting with fellow industry partners and suggest groups that want to be involbed. Members can participate with groups on CiSP to process information sharing which may be relevant to certain areas of business. Grops can either be open to all CiSP members or closed wishing to remain private.

How Does IBM Advertise?

IBM advertise by TV or by online websites, trying to lure consumers into the best and current technologies. In future years, IBM will have higher powerful customers, more self-responsible advertisers and finally, there will be future inventions/technologies that will re-think how advertising is sold, created, consumed then finally tracked. IBM advertising is down to paying attention to customer’s views/feedback, creativity, measurements, advertising space, ad marketplaces and so forth.

Here are a few screenshots for IBM online advertising from their website;

  • Homepage 1

homepage 1

  • Homepage 2

homepage 2

  • Homepage 3

homepage 3

Solution Topics

  • Industry and Solutions

Industry Solutions

  • Business Partners and Alliances

Busines Partners and Alliances


  • Business Services.

Business Services

  • IT Services

IT Services

  • Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

  • Lab Service and Training

IT Training

  • Additional Services



  • Software


  • System


As you can see, there are many different sections that are split into side titles containing more information about the heading when clicked on. IBM also like to share advertisements on television and radio implementing new products for consumers to act upon their interest.

There are a few links below describing more about IBM and their advertising;